Visiting professorship experience in Copenhagen

Located at the Lees Avenue Campus
200 Lees Avenue, Room E020, Ottawa ON CANADA

During the 2013-2014 academic year I had distinct pleasure of collaborating with Professor Erik Bruun Simonsen and Dr. Tine Alkjaer at the University of Copenhagen and Dr. Michael Krogsgaard of Bispebjerg University Hospital. Together we began a major project funded by the Lundbeck Foundation Visiting Professorship which incorporated techniques developed here in Ottawa with their expertise to build a new and innovative research approach for understanding knee joint injuries. This project has the makings of a long term success and is already involving graduate students from Ottawa and Copenhagen, has lead to conference presentations and manuscripts in preparation. I would like to use this forum to thank them for the hospitality, collegiality and the great exchanges of ideas, but most of all the friendships that have developed.

Using multi-disciplinary research to bridge the gap from theory into practice in the rehabilitation sciences