Human Movement Biomechanics Laboratory

Located at the Lees Avenue Campus
200 Lees Avenue, Room E020, Ottawa ON CANADA

The 340 square metre Biomechanics Laboratory is state-of-the-art, housing researchers from both the NRRU and the Ottawa Centre for Joint Restoration (OCJR)-LINK.

The lab is fully equipped with a multi-camera Vicon motion analysis system, several Bertec and Kistler force platforms, wireless (BTS) and tethered (Delsys) EMG systems, a Biodex isokinetic dynamometre and related software.

We are also awaiting the arrival of a dynamic 3DoF instrumented motion base controlled with Caren (Motek Medical) software integrates motion capture, GRF and EMG data into a feed forward and backward dynamic virtual reality environment.

Our large space is ideal for analysing gait and sports-related motions such as running and cutting. The Laboratory is also designed to analyse other activities of daily living with instrumented stairs and ramp systems.



Using multi-disciplinary research to bridge the gap from theory into practice in the rehabilitation sciences