Equipment and infrastructure

Located at the Lees Avenue Campus
200 Lees Avenue, Room E020, Ottawa ON CANADA

Equipment and infrastructure

Our labs combine to create a unique research environment with state of the art equipment:

-4 force platforms (including two mobile) embedded in a modular floor system

-standard and wireless EMG systems from Delsys and BTS

-three Vicon motion capture systems including a 6 camera mobile system, a 10 camera system in the Human Movement Biomechancis Lab and a 7 camera system in the Virtula Reality Lab

-a 6DoF Motek Caren system with two integrated force platforms

-a Biodex System-4 Pro isokinetic dynamometre

-software systems including Labview, Matlab, Nexus, Visual 3D, DFlow and many others

Using multi-disciplinary research to bridge the gap from theory into practice in the rehabilitation sciences